Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Clinical Trial Start.

So Cycle 1, Day 1 of the clinical trial.

Spent about eight hours at PSL waiting for Fedex to deliver one of the drugs, taking the drugs (14 pills, and then 3 later in the day) and then having an EKG and something like 7 blood draws (so they can see what's going on with the drug in my system, I guess?). No vicious side effects except a headache and this weird pain in my legs, both of which could be incidental or caused by shotgunning a quad soy latte when I was finally able to eat something 2 hours after taking all this crap. But not toxic CNS failure or anything so yay!

Mostly feel bad for Amy since I didn't notice until today that they upped my dosage of the corticosteroid they use (dexamathasone) back to the highest level, which in the past made me seriously roid ragey. We came up with a safe word tonight however in case I get out of hand, something like "I'll fucking shoot you if you don't calm down, you jackass."

Luckily she doesn't know where I hid all the ammo.

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