Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Moving ... (blogs)

Got a lil' annoyed yesterday working with this and decided today to move it all to WordPress.  The new blog can be found at  All posts and comments have already been moved, enjoy the new site!


Tuesday, January 3, 2017

2017 With a ... Bang?

Going to keep this relatively short, which for me is just a small novella instead of the first seven letter volumes of an Encyclopedia. Do they still have those btw, or has Wikipedia destroyed that?

Been thinking about this blog quite a bit, specifically that I think I can handle writing here again without the emotional side-effects being quite as severe. As someone who spent a good portion of their adult life writing and blogging (not here), I found that sharing everything in almost a stream of consciousness sort of "core dump" made for good reading and valuable introspection but at the cost of opening a Pandora's Box I couldn't control emotionally. When I was just writing about dating, poker and other silliness that was one thing, but the issues revolving around cancer, and what's more having a terminal diagnosis as the parent of a young child, became something well beyond what even good anti-depressants and anti-anxiety drugs could cope with. And at the end of the day I still have to function, something I found almost impossible when I forced myself to think too much about things (I'll write about that concept some day, come to think of it).

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

File That One Under "Gyro."

I don't know if it's mental/emotional fatigue from all the intensive medical stuff from the last four years or just how I'm wired differently, but when a surgeon tells me "about a week or more recovery in the hospital," what pops into my head right after "Can I see my daughter during that time" is "Is your wifi any good?"

Waiting to hear back on test results and analysis (and wifi answer!), chats between surgeons and doctors and oncologists, etc. File that one under "Joygasm." Or "Gyro," since I ordered one for lunch as part of my "food for the soul" regimen I tend to self-prescribe to after hearing troubling news.

No, nobody understands my filing system.

Monday, December 5, 2016

Imagine if She Could Read ...

I gave Ariana a pad to draw on months ago from my desk, not even really thinking about which one it was. Found this and 100 more drawings this weekend on the pad's pages while digging through her craft stuff and it just broke me. There's some annoying English class word for this ... allegory? Yeah, allegory. This is a perfect allegory for a day, any day, in my life, my personal version of the six-word story that I, ironically, didn't even write.

Clinical Trial News.

For those interested, this is the clinical trial drug I am taking (ACY-241) and the news from ASH this weekend about it. Celgene, who makes Pomalyst (and Revlimid, another big hitter in Multiple Myeloma) just announced in the last few days that they were buying this company. It's bizarre to actually read about a clinical trial you are in. Probably be more bizarre if the announcement was that 90% of the participants had spontaneously combusted or something.

Acetylon Presents Early Phase 1a1b Results for Citarinostat

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Sleep Study Anecdote.

Ironically the worst night of sleep I've had in years was last night -- feel like midgets spent the evening slapping me in the forehead every time I closed my eyes. That should make for some entertaining results with this sleep study. Going to end up the poster child for something at this point.